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Fieldsview Dog Boarding Kennels & Doggy Daycare - Huntingdon & Cambridge

Fieldsview Dog Boarding Kennels

Fieldsview Dog Kennels

Fieldsview Dog Boarding Kennels & Doggy Daycare

Fieldsview Dog Boarding Kennels & Doggy Daycare - Huntingdon & Cambridge

Dog Boarding Kennels

We have been boarding dogs since 1978 at Fieldsview! We live on site and there is someone here 24/7! We have a Veterinary service on call 24/7 and all dogs are fully insured whilst they are visiting us. All dogs have their own indoor space with bedding and toys and a trap door to their own outdoor covered exercise run as well as two walks per day.

Our daily routine for any dogs in our Dog Boarding Kennels is as follows:

8:00 All dogs are woken up and taken by individual handlers for a walk/play session in our securely fenced in walking field. They will be on a flexi lead. This allows them to run about and see other dogs without any physical contact with other dogs to eliminate the risk of any dog disagreements!!

After everyone has been walked we place them all in their own covered exercise runs so that we can pick up all bedding, toys and bowls inside the kennels. Then all of the kennels are disinfected scrubbed and hosed out every morning.

We then replace the bedding, toys and bowls and open the trap doors and your dog has access to his indoor compartment with his bed and bowls and his outside covered run all day.

We then serve breakfast for those who require a morning meal and we dispense any medications/injections if required.

Around lunch time each day all dogs have a one on one TLC petting, playing or brushing session in their own kennel. Then they are left with a treat to nap.

From 2:00 we start our afternoon individual walk/play sessions, each dog with their handler in our one acre securely fenced walking field.

After the walk dogs are served their evening meal. We then clean any dog kennels that require cleaning again.

Then everyone is left to nap and rest while we start serving customers from 4:00pm onwards!

After closing for the evening every dog has another TLC session and a biscuit. Depending upon the time of the year the dog’s trap doors are closed and they are put to bed between 5:30pm in the winter (to allow us to get the heating on) and 10:30pm in Summer to coincide with the setting sun!

An optional additional walk in the evening can be purchased for £2.50 per day.

For further information on our Dog Boarding Kennels please call us on
Huntingdon 01480 830215.