It is a pleasure to be leaving a testimonial. Fieldsview Kennels has looked after Sam since he was a puppy. It's his second home! We entrust our Sam in their care because we feel they are competent in giving the best care to our Sam. Fieldsview Kennels without fail has proven from the very beginning how personalised their care to each and every one of their residents that come through their door and that makes them stand out from the other kennels. Their staff have always shown dedication to their job and been ever so helpful. Not only do they look after Sam but also us, with the quality care they provide, that gives us peace of mind whenever we are away!

We are grateful for all the care and attention you've given to Sam. Not only he will miss Fieldsview but most of all, we'll miss your team. I hope we'll find a team like yours in Melbourne!

Forever thankful,
Clive,Babes and Sam(the Labrador) Sangster

01480 830215